What if you want longer, thicker hair but your real hair is too thin for Great Lengths? Good news! There are two alternatives for you: the HAIRDREAMS MicroLine system and Top Secret.


The MicroLines system is ideally suited to replenish natural volume on top of the head for people who have thin hair or even advanced hair loss.
Micro-fine, virtually invisible special threads, so-called "MicroLines," which have high-grade 100% human hair attached to it, are applied your hair. the hair is matched in terms of color, texture, and length - and it can be gently integrated into your own hair strands. The MicroLines blend perfectly into your own hair for a completely natural and voluminous hairstyle.
The MicroLines system is attached permanently and can be worn for many months. Unlike traditional hair pieces, MicroLines can be worn without limitations in lifestyle - you can continue swimming, going to a sauna, riding in a convertible, etc.
The MicroLines system is perfectly adapted to each client's individual hair situation. Customized solutions are available even for special hair problems, such as bald spots.