Why Wear Great Lengths?

Felicia has been wearing different brands of hair extensions for years. This is some of what she has learned from experience:

  • A set of professionally installed Great Lengths hair extensions will not harm your natural hair. This is important for anyone, but especially if the reason you want extensions is because your own hair is damaged or it grows slowly.

  • Great Lengths has five standard lengths of hair: 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 inch lengths.

  • Great Lengths extensions come in over 40 colors to blend together to match your hair. (Click here to go to the page of available colors!)

  • Great Lengths has the longest length of 100% human hair available - 24 inches.

  • Felicia guarantees the high quality of her Great Lengths work.

  • If you do a quick search on the Internet for hair extensions, you will find dozens of techniques and brands of hair. Felicia has learned through years of experience that only genuine Great Lengths hair extensions will suit her demanding clients. Hair extensions are a luxury. And, like any luxury item, they should deliver high quality for the price.

  • Some clients only wear extensions while their natural hair grows back out after an unfortunate haircut or if their hair was chemically damaged. Some clients wear them for years because they like the added thickness and color options. Others may wear them only for special occasions like weddings or prom night.

  • However long you wear extensions, it is important that your own natural hair is not damaged by the process.

  • By choosing Great Lengths extensions, you can be sure that you can go without them, should you choose to do so.

  • Whatever your reason for buying and wearing extensions, what matters most is how they make you feel. Great Lengths extensions do not drop hairs out of the bonds to "shed" when you brush your hair. This has been the case for other products Felicia has tried.

  • Great Lengths do not need harsh chemicals to apply or remove them.

  • While you're wearing Great Lengths, you can swim or straighten your hair without fear that your hair will suffer a chemical meltdown.

  • Something to consider: Not only should the color of your extensions match that of your natural hair as exactly as possible, but the overall look and feel of the bonded hair should match your own hair, too. Great Lengths excels at this by offering five standard lengths (8-inches, 12-inches, 16-inches, 20-inches, and 24-inches) and over 40 colors (with more colors being created all the time).

  • Felicia can vouch for this: every color from deepest black to brightest coppery auburn to lightest blonde is of high quality in any length you choose.

  • Finally, suppose your dream is to have waist-length hair. You can do this with Great Lengths! Their maximum length is 24 inches -- quite a bit longer than other hair extensions systems that use 100% human hair.

  • To find out more about Great Lengths, go here: www.greatlengths.com

  • Once you're ready, call Felicia for a free consultation to find out if you are a candidate, and while you're there, take a look at the Great Lengths extensions she wears in her own hair every day!

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